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Salems Paranormal
Horror Convention

Salem State University



Hosted by the paranormal SHOWMAN

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Charles Rosenay!!!

Charles Rosenay!!!, aka “Cryptmaster Chucky,” ​is no stranger to things that go bump in the ​night. As founder of CT’s largest indoor ​haunted attraction, Fright Haven, he has been ​scaring & acting for over 15 years. He has also ​acted in many films, mostly monster movies. ​Rosenay!!! is the host/organizer of the annual ​Dracula Tours to Transylvania (yes, in Romania ​– www.DracTours.com), where guests actually ​spend Halloween night inside Dracula’s Castle, ​as well as the annual GHOSTours to Europe and ​other international locations ​(www.GHOSTours.com) presented by his travel ​company, Tours of Terror. Rosenay!!! is the ​author of “The Book of Top 10 Horror Lists,” ​and “True Ghost Stories of Connecticut.” (

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